About Us

Their common interest turned into one shared endeavor this October 2018. Artworx Philippines’ founder Tess Madrid Armero became so inspired to help relaunch one of Rizal’s talented visual artist, Joey Rodulfo. #JoeyOfludor ‘s art works and life story so moved communications expert Maggie Munoz Shih and marketing professional Claire David to work with Tess and Joey and contribute in  promoting the Filipino artists and their creative work.

Our vision and mission – to provide professional commercial and event management support to artists and help create an enabling environment in the country’s creative landscape.

We are Artworx Philippines, an artist’s creative management team.

ART DIRECTOR, CO-FOUNDER                Jose T. Rodulfo

CEO, CO-FOUNDER                                         Tess M. Armero

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS   Maggie M. Shih and Claire S. David